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Consuming energy sustainably - consuming sustainable energy
Heat energy in the field of tension between social predictors, economic conditions and ecological consciousness

This project was part of the research program "From knowledge to action" funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It was conceived as an interdisciplinary project and integrates scientific partners from the fields of sociology, engineering, urban planning, economics, architecture and jurisprudence. Furthermore different actors with practical experience, such as energy consultants, chimney sweepers and consumer advice centres were involved in the project. The primary goal was to devise recommendations for action towards sustainable heat consumption for the most significant actors, to uncover possibilities for promotion and analyse constraints to sustainable heat consumption. Members of the scientific partnership were the Institute for Energy Economics and Rational Use of Energy at the University of Stuttgart (IER), the European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER), the Bremer Energy Institute (BEI), the Faculty of Law at the University of Frankfurt and the Interdisciplinary Research Unit on Risk Governance and Sustainable Technology Development at the University of Stuttgart (ZIRN, project coordinator) .

The workpackage "Integration and Evaluation of Results", guided by IER, brought together the social, technical, economic and ecological results of the project. This includes a CIB analysis dealing with the interdependence of consumer behaviour, mesoscale actors and macroscale conditions. The project members contribute to the analysis with their judgements about the cross-impacts. The goal of the analysis was to identify the preconditions of sustainable development in the field of domestic heat consumption.

Duration of the project: 2008 - 2011

Contact concerning the project's CIB analysis (IER):
Dr.-Ing. Till Jenssen
Daniel Zech, Dipl. Geogr.

Contact concerning general issues of the project (ZIRN):
Sandra Wassermann, M.A.

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The results of the CIB-Analysis are published in:

Jenssen T. und Weimer-Jehle W. (2012): Möglichkeitsräume des zukünftigen Konsums von Wärme (Future heat consumption - a contingency analysis. In German). In: Gallego Carrera D., Renn O., Wassermann S., Weimer-Jehle W. (Ed.): Nachhaltige Nutzung von Wärmeenergie (Sustainable Heat Consumption). Springer-Vieweg, Heidelberg, Wiesbaden.

Jenssen T. and Weimer-Jehle W. (2012): Mehr als die Summe der einzelnen Teile - Konsistente Szenarien des Wärmekonsums als Reflexionsrahmen für Politik und Wissenschaft (More than the Sum of Its Parts. Consistent Scenarios for the Consumption of Heat Energy as a Common Reference Point for Policy and Science. In German), GAIA 21/4, 290–299

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